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August 27th, 2013, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by MidgeMadge View Post
Unfortunately, that part never got better for me.. and I've been drinking a gallon every day for almost 9 months. I still pee a lot during the day, maybe every 30 minutes? If I know I need to be somewhere, I cut myself off one hour before I leave. But sometimes need to use restrooms out and about. The night pee (or lack thereof) is more important to me, though, as I hate getting up for it.
That's what I did yesterday when we went to the store. I stopped drinking water for about an hour. I still had the urge to go while we were shopping but not so bad I couldn't hold it till I got home. I'm not too worried about how much I go while I am at home. The bathroom is close so I just don't worry about it. It's just when I need to go somewhere or when I'm sleeping. I think if I keep cutting my water off a few hours before bed that this will be okay.

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