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August 27th, 2013, 08:18 PM
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Sorry...I wanted to update but JM was down. Grrr I hate when that happens hah. I'm so attached to JM it's not funny.

So it went well as far as the prognosis, his kidneys are much improved, yay! They are growing like they should (in proportion to his body) and the dilation is much better. Good for us to hear! His urine specimen was all clear too. We're waiting to hear on the blood results, but he seems like a healthy guy so they should be good too. At birth his testicles were undecended, so his urologist is following that too, and today he has one that is down, yay! (Although I already knew that, but the urologist confirmed it.) The other testicle is nowhere to be found at this point, so if it's not down by 6 months to a year, they will have to do surgery to bring it down. Yuck...I hope it comes down on its own. Having one come down is good though.
Today was rough for all of us---early morning wake up, drop off the oldest, rush to OHSU because I had a hard time getting out of the door on time, holding down a screaming baby during the blood draw, then he fell asleep only to have to wake up for the ultrasound and the doctor visit, took forEVer for the doctor to come in to the room---I felt like we were running from wake up to when we got home at 1pm. We all crashed and had a nap this afternoon though, so that helped. Kody slept for 3 hours so I think he was just bombed after everything. Poor little dude!

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