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August 27th, 2013, 09:57 PM
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Well, the urologist said that they need to do it by a year old, because otherwise it can affect the ability of that testicle to produce sperm. Because the scrotum helps keep the testes warmer or colder by sucking them in or letting them hang down, the testicle that's inside his body can't do that and can get too hot, affecting sperm production (not sure why this isn't a big deal until a year old). Also they said that reproductive status aside, the testicle that's left inside the body has the potential to turn into a cancerous tumor. He also has an increased risk for testicular cancer now because of them being undecended at birth. So even if his testicle comes down we'll have to teach him to do self-exams on his testicles when he gets older. Fun stuff eh? :/

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