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August 27th, 2013, 10:14 PM
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This is my 4th baby! I have Diabetes type 2 and hypothyroidism. My first 2 pregnancy was fairly uneventful! My third I had: IUGR baby, placenta problems, and preeclampsia. Now with this one (I am 23 weeks along):

I flew home on Sunday and everything was going well!! Mondaycame along, and I started to get cramps on/off. Knowing what happened the weekbefore how my cervix was 50% effaced, closed, and firm… I decided to go and getchecked out.

They hooked me up on the monitor¸ but nothing wasn’t reallyshowing up on the machine but cramps here/there. So they checked me and this iswhat they found: 60% effaced, closed, and soft. So the cramps were doingsomething to change my cervix. They also did an u/s to check the baby growth,cervix, and fluids… here is what they found:

1. Fluids- it was at 18 cm which is at normal high… neverhad my fluids that high before!

2. Cervix- It was measuring at 2.7… normal range is 3.0- 5.0cm.

3. Baby measurements- Overall she was measuring around 22weeks 4 days (I was at 23 weeks 1 day). Which is not bad at all. She wasmeasuring at 21 weeks at my 20 weeks u/s (I was at 20 weeks 3 days) which is 5days ahead.. which is awesome. But that means she only grew 1 week 3 days fromthe 20th week u/s to this one(which is 3 weeks later). So probably have to keep a closer eye on her. Notsure if her growth is starting to slow down like it did with Alison so we willsee (she was an IUGR baby and started to slow down around 24 weeks but was severe.. had to have her at 31 weeks bc of that and I got preeclampsia)…

So I am home on bed rest ugh! I will have my dr apt with mydr tomorrow to have some kind of plan in place. I also will go to a high riskdr in 2 weeks.. he is out of town though ugh. I am not sure how long we willkeep her in but once we get to Sunday I will be relieved because I will be 24weeks then. I hope I do not have the first baby on here or even a preemie butits looking like we might be having another one.. we will be prepared thistime. This is going to be a long few weeks or months!! Has anyone been through any of these things?

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