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August 28th, 2013, 02:03 PM
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That period that you got in December would of just been a withdrawal bleed though. Generally speaking it is quite normal to wait 3 months until getting your cycle back after BCP. It can even take up to a year.

I wouldn't rely on your symptoms for PG or PMS, it could be PMS but it could also just be that your hormones are going crazy trying to balance out and come right. I'm speaking for experience

What were your cycles like before going on the pill? How long were you on it for?
Once AF does eventually arrive, I really suggest BBT charting. It will help you to see if you are ovulating, predict when AF will show, etc. Because your body is busy going through an adjustment, you could have ALL the signs pointing to ovulation but not ovulate... several times. BBT will be good in pinpointing which time you actually DO ovulate and take the guess work out of it. You could actually just start temping now already, even though its recommended to wait til your next cycle... You have no idea when that will be so either you will still be able to catch O or your AF will come within the next 2 weeks, either way its a win

Good luck!! Keep us updated
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