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August 28th, 2013, 02:15 PM
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A hell I didn't know that septics had filters, we rent and the only reason the septic was pumped was because the landlord had sold the property. Got it back a year later (I think it was a rent to own kinda thing) so that's the only reason they did it. We pay for everything that goes wrong in this house, except the septic and the well. I'm not sure who I would find responsible though.

UM a tip about the games. At almost every game and school I have been to, they stop charging right after half-time. There is usually no one manning the booth, so you can get in for free in most cases. It's at least worth looking into at the school. I never went to away games, some of them could be 2 hours away, so I only went to home games and almost always after half time
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