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August 28th, 2013, 02:28 PM
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I didn't see the missing posts either. I'm curious.

I do the ignore method (is that a method). Some kids want any attention, good or bad, so I don't give them any at all. I mean stone face, continue on as if they're not there, ignore. Then later when they've finally calmed down I'll do stuff with them (read a book, cuddle, etc.) but I pretend nothing ever happened. I'm sure it goes against what the experts say but my instincts say it's what my kids need and believe it or not it really works. My oldest is a fit thrower (still to this day) and I did everything by the books (time out, talking it out, use your words), it just wasn't for me and obviously not for her. My 2 yr old is starting her fits and we are already getting better because she hates to be ignored (which is great because behavior wise, she is the most like her oldest sister). I'm also not good with battling it out with my kids. It tries my patience and this keeps it in check. Granted this is JUST for the crying, kicking, screaming stuff. If they're doing something dangerous I don't ignore them, lol!
Just my two cents. Don't burn me at the stake for ignoring my kids, lol!

I get to do the newborn pics of the baby whose birth I missed! I'm a happy camper now.
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