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August 28th, 2013, 06:46 PM
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M is in a private home-based preschool that is just around the corner. She is one of the youngest kids, they start around age 2 (or walking age for kids with older siblings attending, they often want to join their big sibling even though they are so little). They go up to age 5, or until time for kindergarten.

What first drew me to this place was the yard. I had noticed the school's sign during walks around the neighborhood, so I peeked through the fence and saw the most awesome rough-and-tumble yard, climbing trees, a few swings including a chair-like one, sandbox, a hill, lots of random sticks and large blocks and hay bales and shovels and whatnot, a chicken coop and bunny hutch, flowers growing all over the fence, and then a big yurt which is the classroom. I just thought, that is where I would want to play, if I was a kid again. It spoke to me. So it was basically all from that... my friend was sending her older kid there and loved it, I learned more about them and found out they are a really cool Waldorf-y type place (and learned more about Waldorf and Steiner's philosophy on childhood), and we could afford it, and M seemed REALLY ripe for some more in-depth social connections, especially with older kids who could help keep her in line a bit. Waldorf is very communal and there's a lot of group-oriented activities, but there's also a lot of unstructured free play, which I feel very strongly about and wanted for M. I felt like she was ready to go out into the world a bit and develop a sense of inner self apart from me. So basically it all just seemed like it was meant to be. I am really grateful that we found this place. It's been a lifesaver during this time when I've been recovering from the birth injury.

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