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August 28th, 2013, 07:52 PM
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Thanks for asking.

I was determined to have her at home, I was planning a UC, but on Friday the 9th I started noticing she wasn't moving much. Usually I could get her moving, just by jostling her a bit, but I was having no luck. All weekend was the same thing, very little movement.

Tuesday I was really getting worried. I hadn't felt her move at all since the night before at about 9pm. I called my mom and she left work and drove an hour to my house. My two oldest sons (18 and 16) were at the oldest sons apt, and they heard I needed to go get baby checked and were at my house, their girlfriends, in about 20 minutes.

Dh and I got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors and immediately got a heartbeat, but I was having very slight contractions, and with every contraction her heart rate was dropping from 140 to the 60's.

I was "overdue" so they wanted to admit me. My husband was so worried about the baby so I agreed to be admitted and they took my to L&D. That was sometime around 12:30 pm. Once over in L&D baby girls heart rate just kept dropping. My water broke and it was very meconium stained. They hooked me to pitocin sometime around 2:30. Then my contrax started coming every 2 minutes. They were hard and long. I was at 4 in triage and I quickly went to a 6 then complete. As soon as I was complete my contractions stopped, all gone. The MW was telling me to push and I had no contrax to push with.

Baby wasn't doing good so I ended up pushing without the help of contractions. It took about 3 good pushes and she was born at 4:21 pm.

She had the cord around her body and her neck. She was covered in thick meconium.

Of course they said she was having difficulty breathing and whisked her to nicu. They kept her 2 days and I had to argue to get her discharged then (another story) but she is home, healthy and beautiful.
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