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August 28th, 2013, 08:05 PM
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I had a growth ultrasound today and everything looks great. Baby has long legs, she is measuring at a high percentile for that and she weights 3lbs 3 oz. Right on target!!

Oh and head down!

My bp was a little high 140/80. MY Ob said we should think about induction at 37 weeks... so this will DEFINETLY be an October baby!

I cant say Im happy. I asked her what they use to induce and she said pitocin. That it I said... she said maybe they will break my waters first!

That annoyed me. I dont see why they are rushing to induce me. She said 39 weeks and now suddenly 37!! The baby is not measuring big. Shes on target. Yea my BP was high but its only high when Im there!
I measure last week 5 times in Rite Aid and I was 110/70.

Can someone tell me why I need an induction at 37 weeks?

She knows Im not going to go into labor naturally before 37 weeks...something tells me that I wont be there at 37 weeks for any kind of induction.

38? Ok I can do that but 37! Nah I want my body to go into labor naturally if at all possible!

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