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August 28th, 2013, 09:04 PM
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This year Liam will be going to a public preschool. It's actually a technical preschool, where they are taught by high-schoolers who aspire to be teachers. I love the concept (lots of interaction, lots if unstructured playtime). And I was part of one of those programs when I was a high schooler. (The high schoolers are supervised by teachers themselves). I will see how happy I am with it. It's perfect for his age (just a couple hours a day, three days a week), since it's mostly socialization at this stage.

Although if we remotely had a preschool like Shens, I would totally go that route!! So cool!

We chose public, ultimately, because a great portion of school is social and interaction-based. Learning to navigate a world of people unlike oneself, who you might not like or get along with. It's about learning in various ways and understanding that others learn in different ways. It's about introducing my kids to many types of people and helping them handle questions and concerns about things they learn/hear. I know we can handle aspects of learning at home, making sure they learn in various enjoyable ways, helping in areas they don't excel in. But we decided against homeschooling for the social aspects. Even getting my child involved in local groups while homeschooling them still left me with questions of if they would learn to deal with people truly different from our beliefs and ideals, which I think is important. Since most of the rest of life is not learning based, but interaction based.

But I actually thought long and hard about it, looking at various aspects, researching local schools, and a lot of internal questions. I found it to be one of my harder parental that I will absolutely re-evaluate often. If something isn't working, I am certainly prepared to switch to homeschooling. I believe private school would be my last choice. But an option if the need was presented.

Oh, Liam does "after school" programs: singing and gymnastics one evening a week. It's plenty for now. We will see what he decides to peruse when the time comes. I am not looking to overbook him once he starts school.
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