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August 28th, 2013, 10:24 PM
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Actually yes!! I have mentioned in here before that I have an online friend from the DDC I was in while pregnant with Clyde. There was a young lady in there who also lost her son. He was stillborn via c-section. We kept in contact this whole time and have become what I would consider very good friends. I just want to add it's SOOOO weird how much we have in common!! Anyways, when I was ttc again she was not, because they recommend you wait a while after having a c-section. We ended up getting pregnant again at the exact same time! I sent her a picture of my BFP and a few days later she sent me a VERY dark BFP pic. I have to admit I was sooo excited for us both to be pregnant and able to go through this SAME journey together every step of the way. My due date is Jan 10th and her's is Jan 9th... lol.

So that's the back story. Well, she had an elective ultrasound done around 16 weeks and was told she was having a girl. I wanted to do something special for her, so I decided to loom knit her a baby blanket. I took this picture before I had finished the blankey. I JUST finished the blanket this past week and was about to take the package to the post office to send her, when I get an email from her. She had her 20 week scan and attached a picture of her baby's "goods".... most DEFINITELY a little boy!!! LOL

So now I have a pretty little pink blanket and no one to send it to. I'm going to have to start something a little more manly for her baby boy sometime soon. So we are both having boys again, ha. But yes, gender switches happen and it seems most common for people who think they are having girls but turns out baby is really a boy. I guess even after all the technological advances ultrasound techs still occasionally make mistakes.

So how much longer until we hear your gender results Melissa??

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