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August 29th, 2013, 03:29 AM
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Welcome to the Virtual Love-In!

This is the thread for general chat and sharing your music playlists!! Hop in and post whatever you like!

Imagine us on a beautiful beach, with a cocktail bar, fire pit which can be lit as the evening draws in, and of course a huge stage all geared up and ready for the music festival!

You can post fantasy stuff about what you're doing at the party or real stuff about your life and your summer or whatever you like. Anyone is welcome to start a game either in here or in a separate thread for the party, and anyone is welcome to offer readings, oracles, healings, etc to other members. I am going to post links to all satellite threads in post 1 here.

I will do my dream set list this evening but you guys can post yours whenever you like, interlaced with each other's or one after another. Hopefully we'll have lots of great bands on our beach stage today! You can feel free to do a second one too if you like or post odd random summer songs to keep the music flowing.

Of course, the member awards winners will also mostly be announced this evening. I may do one set a little earlier, it depends how my day goes.


It's the Beach Angels beach festival...

The setting...

The entertainment...

The refreshments...

The reason for the season!


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