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August 29th, 2013, 03:45 AM
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The object of this game is to write a neverending story, where you continue the story from the next person.

However, there is a twist.

You need to try and work in as many summer song titles as you can to your posts in the story.

I have a list of the 100 greatest summer songs as voted by members of the public which I found online. Please bear in mind this is not an exhaustive list so some summer songs may not be on it and other lists may exist elsewhere. I am not disclosing the link to the list as part of the challenge is trying to figure out which songs might be on it. You may however use the internet to look up summer song titles or locate such a list to help you.

Basically, the person who gets the MOST titles from my list into their posts in this thread will be the winner.

You may include titles other people have used in a bid to get the most, so there is no "no repeat" rule.

You must work the titles into the story, and not just post song titles.

I will only accept TITLES and not other excerpts from the lyrics. Spelling does not matter as long as I can tell what song you mean. If the song has part of the title in parentheses - for example Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) which isn't on the list by the way - you may omit or include the part in parentheses and the song will still count.

Each post may contain ONE to FIVE sentences and up to FIVE song titles.

For the prize to be "unlocked", this thread must reach at least 20 story posts and at least 3 people (not including me) must play.

The winner will receive an angel reading from me on Tue/Wed next week. This is a detailed 3-5 card reading and approximately 600-1000 words long, and you may ask three questions. I will need your email or FB details in order to complete your reading and if done by email I will include a photo of your cards. The value of the email reading is 15 and the value of the FB reading is 12.50.

If you need to ask any questions please precede your post with Q: and post story contributions in a separate post.

Have fun!

I'll start off - I will put my song titles in bold so you get the gist, but you don't have to make yours stand out in any way, though you can if you wish. I am not saying whether or not my song choices are on the list.

The long hot summer was almost over, and Angel had given up on the possibility of summertime love. The only boys of summer had been a group of builders working on the house next door, and their raucous parading and dancing in the street had not impressed her. When she got up that morning and peered out of the curtains, she gasped as she saw...


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