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August 29th, 2013, 08:12 AM
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Hopingforbabymc's topic about the pressure to let other people keep the baby overnight got me thinking about my mother and I wanted to seek advice from you all. Here's the summary of what's going on:

My mother is mentally ill, she has been clinically diagnosed as bi polar, borderline schizophrenic and depressed. My husband and I went to Utah to visit her and my Dad (who works full time) in July and she was on so many medications that supposedly help her function and also balance her out. The problem is she could barely function. She would take all of her pills and either sleep all day and night or walk around lethargic and barely able to hold a conversation. Some of the medication that she takes for her mental disorder make her hands shake and she can't even hold a cup to her mouth to take a drink.

I cannot trust her to take care of another human being on her own.

Now the part I am having a problem with is the fact that she INSISTS she is the person that our baby will go to if my husband and I happen to deploy at the same time (not likely, but possible). We are required by the military to make a family care plan as soon as he is born and we have to write out where the baby will go. I have already talked to my sister in law and she will be the one to take him (she is the only responsible one on both sides of the family).

I am really struggling with telling my mom she won't be the one the baby will go to because she is so excited to have him. Do I tell her now or wait until something actually comes up and we have to send our son to DH SIL, then tell her then?

What would you do?

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