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August 29th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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WOAH! 37 weeks? Not unless its absolutely medically necessary. I'd ask for a second opinion or flat out refuse. 39w is the standard at most hospitals now, because of the high rate of C sections after inductions that are done before Mom/baby are ready and potential health problems some babies may face due to having immature lungs. Most hospitals have adopted a strict policy about it. I had pre e starting around 32 weeks with both of my girls but my urine didn't have protein til the last few days before I was due so even though I was disgustingly swollen and my BP was a little high they didn't even mention induction, they just put me on moderate bed rest at home. I went to term with both. Around 26w with this baby my hands and face got super swollen and my BP was high, but then it went away thank god, because my Dr was afraid it was starting already, and I wouldn't make it to 30w let alone 39. Now that everything is good again he agrees with me that we should to wait til 39 weeks to do it. In fact, we scheduled for 39w 3d.
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