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August 29th, 2013, 09:29 AM
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I'm sorry to hear you had some sad news there...I hope you can move forward and just love on the little one that is growing inside of you. Big hugs!

Oh and as for the cow stuff, I have read a Bradley birthing book, and the author wondered the same thing---if animals can give birth alone, without needing medical intervention, then what's wrong with us? And the author concluded that while we may need a little coaching to know what to do in a birthing situation, we are fully capable of doing the same thing as the animals---birthing without interventions.
My birth with Kody was no interventions, other than breaking my water to get things going so my husband could be home for the birth of his son! I was 5 days overdue and dilated to 5.5 but not really "in labor". DH had to leave in 2 days and I wanted to be sure he could see the birth! Anyway it all went well and nobody had to tell me how to push or what position to be in or anything. A lot of times, interventions aren't necessary, in my opinion. But sometimes they are definitely necessary, in event of an emergent situation. But in my opinion, we mess with birth too much these days.

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