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August 29th, 2013, 09:55 AM
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I love the resale groups on FB but you have to be quick- once a great deal is posted it doesn't usually last long. Also has to be worth the drive, I am not driving 20 miles for a single $3 outfit no matter how cute it is! Also I love going to big sales where people pay for a table and there is some sort of admission fee but you get so much more variety with all those different sellers under one roof. Garage sales are hit or miss but worth checking out if you get there early- I especially love going to multifamily garage sales in the more affluent suburbs. They are almost always willing to negotiate just to get rid of stuff. I got my bassinett for $10 off what she was asking. I would have paid $35 for it, but it didn't hurt to ask and she went for it!
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