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August 29th, 2013, 10:25 AM
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So I was wondering if this has been standard protocol at your pre natal appointments? My OBGYN has not once checked my urine or measured my fundal height of uterus. This worries me a lot because I already have high blood pressure and am taking medication. I am switching to a different doctor 150 miles away as soon as they call me to schedule an appt, but I was waiting until I hit 3rd trimester which is this week since the drive is a long one. We live in a small border town in Texas and the closest city is San antonio and is 3 hours away. But anyways, I just don't feel like my doctor takes anything serious and is way too relaxed with his practice.

With my son they checked urine every visit, measured my stomach. She may have been a little over the top about my BP, but I'd rather have that than miss something serious like pre-e.
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