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August 29th, 2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by HappyBabyBump View Post
My doctor doesn't check my urine either. When I first got pregnant they checked it for infections and all that and I ended up having a UTI and got prescribed medicine for it. Well they never checked again to make sure it was gone or anything.

It kind of bothers me when I think about it because I thought we were really susceptible to UTI's while pregnant so why wouldnt they test us at each visit just to be sure?
I am more worried about passing protein and developing pre-e and not even knowing it. Since I take meds, that should keep my BP down some. It's already creeping up some. I have also had swelling in fingers and upper abdominal pain. It just amazes me that he's so chill about everything. But yeah UTIs are higher likelihood as well.

And yes, long drive!! I will be delivering at a military hospital down in SA. We are stationed pretty remote due to DH's training. We should be out of here in less than a year, though. He is just about half way complete. Since my doc is not referring me out, I have to pay all travel costs but it'll be worth it. To have a NICU there, lactation consultants, civilization. lol
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