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August 29th, 2013, 10:58 AM
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I think it is unfortunate that she stuck with something for so long that clearly wasn't working for her family. That is something that I have been very intentional about since having Arthur, if it does not bring us to a place we want our family to be it doesn't happen.

We do use cloth and luckily it's been wonderful so far! I really do love it. It is unfortunate that this author's experience was underwhelming, but her points, at least in our experience aren't really valid.
-Our whole stash, which will hopefully last from birth to potty training for all our children, cost $300-$400 a HUGE savings from roughly $1500/kid
-We use the same detergent that we've used for the past year on our diapers, granted it's a natural soap, but I know plenty of families who swear by using Tide on their diapers
-I wash every 3-4 days, but have enough diapers to go easily twice that long... but come on... that's gross
-I'm doing laundry once or twice a week anyways, whats an extra load? Our water and hydro bills have not been noticeably affected.
-We CD overnight with no leaks. It took us 2 nights to figure out what works for us, and since when is night waking ONLY ever to do with diapers. There are plenty of non diaper reasons my baby wakes in the night
-maybe I'm in the minority with this one, but when we had Arthur in sposies over night, they would stink to high heaven! I would NEVER feel comfortable leaving a disposable diaper in a trash can in public, and most definitely not at someone's house.. So there is a good chance I'd be packing it up to bring home anyways... using cloth doesn't change that... It just happens to not smell bad.
-And then there IS that little piece about the environment. It's not the be all end all, but it does make me feel better knowing we aren't throwing away so much extra waste. (btw check the box on your disposables, it should say that you are to dispose of solid waste in the toilet before throwing in the trash.... not that anyone follows this rule)

In the end I don't think cloth is for everyone, HOWEVER it is in very poor taste for this woman , IMO, to say it's not for anyone!

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