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August 29th, 2013, 11:09 AM
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oh gosh Michelle that sounds not so lovely Good O doesn't seem to notice, it's hard, you can't pick teachers and there are crappy ones and great ones, luck of the draw I guess :/

We had Kindy orientation yesterday, I found it very overwhelming, like information overload, it was crowded and hot and smelled like a school (duh it was a A school ) blah lol..we did meet Sydney's teacher and while I didn't feel like she was super warm and fuzzy she also seemed nice enough, I don't know, people tell me she is a good teacher, time shall tell. The good news is that one of the little girls from Syd's pre k class is in her class with her so she instantly was relieved when she found that out, always helps to have a familiar face. Countdown is on, supplies are bought, now just waiting for the official first day! Sam starts his new school Tuesday!

any plans for the long weekend? is it a long weekend in Canada? probably not lol. My parents are coming on Saturday, my mom will be staying the whole week. On Sunday we are trekking into the city to see my nieces new apartment, she and her BF moved in together finally. Exciting stuff. That's about all I have going on at the moment!
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