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August 29th, 2013, 12:50 PM
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Here are your first winners!

I have to say, the voting did distribute the awards fairly evenly, with some ties and there was the odd occasion I had to go to 2nd place to balance it out, but it all worked out brilliantly and I think (I hope) everyone has won 2 awards.

Dana (kolbysmom) worked hard on the blinkies and I think the colours are really fitting to summer memories or early fall siggies so hopefully you'll all be pleased with them!

To snag your winner blinkies, right click and save as. Then, upload them into your Photobucket or similar and use the IMG codes to paste them in your siggy. If you have any problems let me know.

So first off, well done to the following award winners...

1. Our WISE WOMEN, yes women because we have a tie - the members you chose as having excellent spiritual knowledge and insight and people you look up to as wise are...

LESLIE (LDRW) and TIFF (lhug_nar)! Well done ladies!
I must say I well and truly agree! Here is your blinkie!

2. Our TRUE BELIEVER, voted as such for having strong beliefs, spirituality and integrity is...

KIRA (Kiam)! Well done!
I may not have known you long Kira, but I do think this is fitting! Here's your blinkie!

3. Our STRONG SPIRIT, who you chose for being a brave person who can face any challenge and stay strong...someone who is an example to us all, is...

ASHLEIGH (Shades of Grey)! Well done!
And so true with all you have been through with dear Truett sweetie. You are supermom. Here's your blinkie!

4. Our SUNNY SOUL, who you decided could always put a positive spin on things, seems a glass half full sort of person and brings upbeat energy to the board is...

CATLIN (Modern Goddess)! Well done!
You certainly have been a wave of fresh air and fresh enthusiasm on our board and this award is well deserved. Here's your blinkie!

And finally for this instalment (these are fiddly and take a while to do!)

5. Our STAR SISTER, who is a valued and trusted friend and always there for everyone is...

CARRIE (*PurpleMidnight*)! Well done hon!
Having known you for a number of years this is of course 100% true my love! Here's your blinkie!


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