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August 29th, 2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MakeupMommy3 View Post
1. I am totally terrified of having 3 kids!

2. Sneezing hurts all parts of my body. I'm wondering if Mother Nature hates me because I sneeze at least 15 times in an hour.

3. I'm always full after one bite of anything.

4. I am totally terrified of having 3 kids!!

5. I look funny when I wobble past the mirror.

6. All the weight that I've lost during this pregnancy has only affected, my face and my head. when I look in the mirror, my head looks smaller, especially consdering I've cut my hair.

7. I am totally terrified of having 3 kids.

8. Water tastes horrible.

9. I hate my job.

10. I wake up sleepy

Bonus..... Did I mention...I am totally terrified of having 3 kids!!!!
#1, 4, 7... only replace that 3 with a 4.
#6, though I have gained no weight and that must mean I personally lost some, I don't see it anywhere... except my ankles
#8 I just started drinking water again not too long ago. I've missed it so much.
#9 Kinda, when I'm with the students it's ok but being here and having to work under than chick, not ok.
#10 ALL the TIME-- waking up at 5 doesn't help matters at all

Originally Posted by Cupcake2 View Post
I am TOTALLY terrified of having three kids too! Plus I will have two under two!! My two kids now keep me so busy I can't even imagine how three is going to be ahhh!
I get to have two the same age. oh my goodness. I'll have two the same age!
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