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August 29th, 2013, 01:24 PM
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Since no-one's in the other thread right now I will do instalment 2!

6. Our SPARKLY STAR, who you have decided has a personality that shines like a star, is...

TERRI (Sacred Silence)! Well done honey!
It's quite fitting because you do spread light wherever you go! Here's your blinkie!

7. Our MIRACLE MOM, the lady you have voted as our walking miracle, for whatever reason, is...

HILLARIE (Ekani*Dhanya*Ruhi)! Well done sweetheart.
I have to say when I came up with the title I actually had you in mind. You really are a miracle. You walk in grace, love and light no matter what life throws at you and your spiritual understanding of life and death is awe-inspiring. Not only are you one strong lady...I think to a lot of us here you are a bit of a heroine! Love you hon! Here's your blinkie!

8. Our INNER GRACES, who have been voted as such for being a gracious and loving person no matter what life throws at them are...

LESLIE (LDRW) and NIKKI (fromGirltoMommy)!
This is so true, you have both had rocky roads in different ways and yet are still spreading your light and sharing your knowledge - and generally rockin' life. Here's your blinkie!

9. Our MAGICK MOM, voted as such for going after their dreams and making them happen, is...

TASHA (MidnightMaiden)! Well done babe!

This is certainly true of you! Go girl! Here's your blinkie!

10. Our NATURE LOVERS, who you have decided looks after and enjoys nature from the elements, seasons, plants and minerals to the animals and their fellow humans, are...

KIRA (Kiam) and BELLA (Bella Nyxe) tied! Well done ladies!
You are both such gentle seeming souls and so this seems really fitting too. Here's your blinkie!

And finally on this round...

11. Our HEALING HANDS, who you feel have natural healing ability, exuding peace and healing wherever they go are...

TERRI (Sacred Silence) and CARRIE (*PurpleMidnight*) tied! Well done both!
So very true, Terri you always have healing words, affirmations and suggestions and Carrie, you do spread peace and light wherever you go. Here's your blinkie!


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