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August 29th, 2013, 01:40 PM
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Poor O. Like Kim said, luck of the draw on teachers. Maybe she is starting out tough to set a tone and then will soften as the kids get used to the routine. I know some teachers do that.

I haven't met Leah's teacher yet, so we'll see how she is. I do know that her gym teacher is bad (personal experience, I worked with her when I was doing one of my teacher placements a few years ago). J's teacher seems very nice. He is supposed to have two, but they haven't hired a second one yet.

Leah's first day went great. There are two grade one classes, but they kept all the girls in one class with a few boys, and the other class is all boys. I bet that will be an interesting class to teach!

James has his first integration day tomorrow. He keeps saying he doesn't want to lose mommy, but he doesn't get upset when we talk about his new friends and playing at the sand table and stuff. We'll see. We will still have basically the whole day together. I pick him up before 11 every morning. So he'll still get plenty of mommy time.

It is a long weekend here too. Nothing really planned. DH was going to go camping with the kids one more time, but it's supposed to rain, so we're not doing that.
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