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August 29th, 2013, 02:07 PM
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Next lot!

12. Our GOLDEN HEART, someone we feel is caring, sharing and generous, is...

MELISSA (Mitra Shonu)! Well done!

I truly feel you have the goldest of golden hearts and 100% deserve this award honey! Here's your blinkie!

13. Our GIFTED GEM, whose spiritual gifts we collectively admire, is...

ASHLEIGH (Shades of Grey)! Well done hon!
I think you are blessed with many gifts and have such a journey ahead of you. We certainly are grateful that you share your inspiration, your calm and peaceful soul, your intuition, your spiritual strength and your creativity here with us by being our host at Spiritual Living. Here's your blinkie!

14. Our GOLD GODDESS, who has been voted as such for truly channelling and rocking their inner goddess and feminine power is...

MELISSA (Mitra Shonu) again! Well done sweet!
You really are a goddess, your beauty and strength shine through! Here's your blinkie!

15. Our GUIDING LIGHT...someone who is a valued guru, teacher and advice-giver is...

ME (SHARRON - Lady Valkyrie)!
Obviously as one of the hosts here I think I deserve this title, as do quite a few more of you here. I do try to be helpful whatever your question might be!

16. Our FURRY FRIEND, someone who is an advocate for animals and cares about conservation, is...

TASHA (MidnightMaiden)!
This is certainly true after your love and care for your pretty kitty. Bless you hon. Here's your blinkie!

17. Our FREE SPIRITS, who march to their own beat, sing from their own hymn sheets and all that good stuff, are...

TIFF (lhug_nar) and CATLIN (Modern Goddess)!
True of both and in different ways, neither of you are shy to state your spiritual beliefs, opinions, advice and questions, and when you both contribute we always know it's going to be something good. Here's your blinkie!

Back with the last one shortly!

Originally Posted by LDRW View Post
I am very shocked at the awards I won. Thank You!

I think it worked out well because a lot of people here could have won a lot of the awards deservingly.

The voting was very divided, and ended up very fair with a lot of close-run ones and a lot of ties. I'm pleased with the way it came out with it being possible for everyone to win two. I think everyone here utterly rocks and deserves to be recognised for some of the wonderful things about them personally and spiritually. I love you ladies, and I don't say that lightly.

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