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August 29th, 2013, 02:31 PM
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OK I'm going to go for the last lot...

18. Our FAIREST FAE, who you have voted as being a natural beauty both inside and out is...

BELLA (Bella Nyxe)! Well done!
You have such a beautiful, light and fae-like energy I'm not surprised at all that you won this award hon. Here's your blinkie!

19. And on a similar theme, our BRIGHT BEAUTIES, voted as beautiful people inside and out are...

ANGI (stucklikeglue) and me (SHARRON - Lady Valkyrie)!
Now Angi, I have seen pix on FB and she certainly is a beauty...I am stunned and touched to tie with her on this because my self-image has not always been the thank you ladies. Here's the blinkie Angi!

20. Our FIERY FLAME, who you have voted as one of our most passionate members who dreams big and goes after their goals is...

NIKKI (fromGirltoMommy)! Well done sweet!
I wholeheartedly agree, I think our Nikki is fiery in more ways than one (all good) and has always kept the flame of hope burning no matter what. Here's your blinkie hon!

21. Our EARTH MOTHER, who you have voted as an inspirational crunchy or eco mom and lady, is...

ANGI (stucklikeglue) again! Well done hon!
I do think you balance being a mom and getting out there and doing your thing so very well and are still so attentive, close and loving with your kids and perhaps this is why you were voted as being inspirationally crunchy. Here's your blinkie!

And finally, last but certainly not least...

22. Our EARTH ANGEL - someone we quite simply feel has angelic qualities - is...

HILLARIE (Ekani*Dhanya*Ruhi)! Well done!
I remember the vote being pretty unanimous and I'm not surprised! You do the angels' work here on earth, not least with your family, you truly do.

Let's have some cheers and celebrations for all these wonderful women I am proud to say I know! You all rock!!!


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