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August 29th, 2013, 03:26 PM
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Yep you officially did more before noon then I do in a week lol.
Lets see this is how my day goes now days.

Get up at 7 am. If I didn't work the night before. Get boys up and dressed for school. Make sure they eat breakfast. Walk Christopher to the end of our road to catch the bus at 7:30. Than come home and get Brantley dressed to take Wyatt to school. Come home put on Rango and relax before Brantely is in full force. Oh and then feed Brantley breakfast. Than lunch. And get on to him for torturing the chickens. He loves to carry them around. Than at 1:3o go pick up Wyatt from school. Come back clean a little bit than at 3 Walk to the bus stop to pick up Christopher. Than deal with Wyatts beharvolist for 2 hours. And wait for Eric to get home. Once he is home I go take a nap incase I have to work that night. Eric cooks dinner and gets the kids homework and showers done before bed.
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