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August 29th, 2013, 04:27 PM
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When do you go to bed? Around 12-1am if I don't have to work the next day which is most of the time these days..
Do you have a before bed routine?- Usually take the dog out for a pee then read in bed for an hour or so.
How much sleep do you average a night? 6-8 hours
Do you nap? YES!! Like 2 hours every day if I'm not working. LAAZY!
What position do you sleep in? On my side, but keep waking up on my back.
How many times do you wake up at night?- 2-100000000 depending on how loud hubby is snoring, how much the dog is kicking me and how much water I drank the day before. I used to sleep like a log ALL through the night no matter what. Pregnancy has sure changed me and I hope after baby things will go back to normal!

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