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August 29th, 2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by LifeToTheMax View Post
The thing with little annoyances, though, is that it's ALWAYS something. That can be so hard! A lot of times if you vent about them (IRL) to people who don't understand, it can sound so petty. It's when the all add up and build and build that it's so hard to live with. Like, if one of the first real "issues" with her had been the car accident, you probably wouldn't think twice, or you might be a little peeved, but it wouldn't be much of an issue. It's just that it's always something.

And as far as the accident goes, I think it's all dependent on the relationship between the parties, you know? For some families/co-parenting relationships, it wouldn't warrant letting the other parent know. In your case, she updates you about so many innane little things, or expects to be informed of every cough and scrape, that to not let you know about an actual car accident, even if it was just a fender bender, is annoying. Like you said, if the roles were reveresed you would tell her, and if you didn't, she would have gone ballistic.
Originally Posted by My2miracles View Post
Yeah double standards are annoying.
Exactly. It's just common courtesy to let the other parent know that his child was involved in a car accident. Especially if you're going to text us to tell us you BOTH have diarrhea. If we can know when you move your bowels, We can know when our child was involved in a car accident.

And it is little things every single week. Every week this woman tries her darndest to annoy us somehow. Today she called and left me a VM saying that she still wants to bring O's phone by so they can text each other and why hasn't Dh texted her back? Well the last text Dh has from her was before that even happened.

Funny how she doesn't give the phone a second thought when it's to be used to communicate with us, but the second she can't text him, it's a big urgent thing and needs to be returned asap.
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