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August 29th, 2013, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Nicole B View Post
I feel for you. I have a "fun" mom too. Though i doubt i could really post the types of things she says on here. I just do my best to ignore/not comment on a lot of the thing she says and move on.

Example: my first pregnancy she asked me how much weight i had gained total (she's nagged me about my weight off and on my entire life. I've never been overweight in my life.). I told her 30lbs and she was very disapproving as apparently 25lbs was the top acceptable amount.

Sooooooo needless to say this pregnancy i'm not even talking about it with her.
My mom is the same way. Saw me on FaceTime and first comment is my face is fat. When she sees me after a long time comments how I've gained weight. I also have never been overweight and comments like that are soo annoying. Now I insult back and say I get it from you. I promise I won't do that stuff to my daughters.
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