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August 29th, 2013, 06:37 PM
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reading your mom horror stories makes me so grateful that my mom is mostly too involved with her own drama to bother me. my mother in law, on the other hand.. is insane.

she spent the past two days constantly calling and texting Nate, telling him she felt so left out of our lives because we never go over there or visit. she said she felt like crap because we 'cut her out of our lives". so today, we went over there after we bought my text books. and what does she do? she puts her shoes on and tells us she needs a ride to an estate sale, and then a ride home, but she didn't know when. we have a gas leak in my car that's so bad Nate didn't even want to leave the house today but i needed my books. so we took her to the sale, and a neighbor told us she's bring my mil home. the entire ride she had hinted that she needed cigarettes because her male friends had stolen them. she said that it wasn't her fault she needed cigarettes because she hadn't smoked them, they were stolen. Nate bluntly told her we were not giving her any (he smokes) nor were we buying her any. she quickly said she was kidding, but then brought it up when she got out of the car.

later, we were in walmart buying diapers and baby socks, and she called and said she needed a ride home. let me remind you: we have a gas leak. it is a bad one. i told her as much, and she asked me what i was doing at walmart then. the store is on our way home, and we need diapers. she didn't reply.

she also informed Nate she was throwing her own baby shower for us because she was jealous that my mother saw us everyday, so she wasn't going to come to my mom's. seriously. this is a grown woman!

i'm sorry i just totally used your post to vent, but she bothered me immensely and i didn't want to post it on the main board because i feel i've just been whining a lot there lately :/
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