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August 29th, 2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by ducksaresnazzy View Post
she also informed Nate she was throwing her own baby shower for us because she was jealous that my mother saw us everyday, so she wasn't going to come to my mom's. seriously. this is a grown woman!

i'm sorry i just totally used your post to vent, but she bothered me immensely and i didn't want to post it on the main board because i feel i've just been whining a lot there lately :/
I know all about the childish grown woman thing. My mom told me that she was having issues with a camera she bought. She took it into the store, but they claimed something about it being out of warranty. She threatened to scream if they didn't give her a refund. Yea, mom, a grown woman throwing a temper tantrum in a store is the adult thing to do.

No problem for venting on my thread - lol.

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