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August 29th, 2013, 06:52 PM
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honestly, the only thing that's bothering me about my mom right now (and has always) is that she sends me a text on my paydays asking for money. She knows my pay schedule better than I do. I check the calendar and, sure enough, it's my pay day. This time, I ignored her for days. Finally, when I couldn't anymore without it being obvious that I ignored her, I responded that I spent the weekend not feeling well. She still said I had not given her an answer. My mom and I have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad money relationship. Most of my debt is because of her using my social. She's been a heavy gambler for 30+ years. We lost a house to foreclosure when I was 17 b/c she gambled with the mortgage. My dad's retirement was wiped out b/c she convinced him to take money out of it. So when I say bad, I mean bad. So it really bothers me when she asks for money even though now, unlike before she pays it back. But it really bothers me now that I'm expecting two different babies and paying for EVERYTHING on my own from rent to car payment to my kids' uniforms and schools supplies to EVERYTHING. She knows these babies can come any minute and I'll be up the sh*t creek without a paddle b/c no one can/will help me and my maternity leave is unpaid. So I'm clearly not the person to borrow money from. And it's like, why doesn't she get that?

But I hesitate saying anything because she's been so great to me this summer, getting my house in order and decorating (though I always ended up paying for decorations I never asked for). Sigh.

Sorry for the hijack. I definitely feel you on your mom. They'd be great except for one pretty big thing.
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