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August 29th, 2013, 10:08 PM
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I'm okay. Think everything is healing well down there but ill be happy when its all better and I'm comfortable again. Thankfully no PPD at this point (17 days pp) so I'm hoping that it doesn't become an issue. I have a smidge of baby blues but I'm positive it's from missing being pregnant a bit and also because of her medical issues. Still feeling guilty and upset that this happened to us.

Sleep wise I get none. I am up all night watching her to make sure she doesn't choke and I sleep sitting up in bed holding her upright. Wake up early because of her and the big kids needing to eat so I'm really exhausted. I don't let DH get up with her at night because he goes into work so early but it's definitely catching up with me. Someone is giving us a rock n play sleeper because its highly recommended for babies with cleft palates, so I'm hopeful that well be able to get her to sleep in that and I can rest again.

As for the baby she's doing well. She's still gagging and choking when laying down so we don't ever lay her on her back except for diaper changes. And even then sometimes I prop her head on a pillow if its too close to when she last ate (we've got into the habit of changing her before a feeding though). She's having a growth spurt I think. Really crabby and wanting to eat a lot but she's gained 8oz since last Friday and I'm so happy about the weight gain!

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