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August 30th, 2013, 11:49 AM
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I probably had less of a reaction to the angry twin mom than everyone else did, because I sort of understand where she's coming from...we wanted to avoid twins too, but were prepared that it was certainly a possibility and if it happened then we'd deal with it. I think she's the type of person who has this vision of how her life (and her children's lives) should be and has trouble when life deviates from her planned script, and now that it has she's worried & fearful. However, she needs to move past this and fast before it impacts the kids and how she treats was wrong to have children simply to give son a sibling if that was truly their only reason and they would have otherwise been just as happy to have no more children - we wanted to give Savannah a sibling too, but you should WANT the child regardless, not do it as some sort of sacrifice for your older child. While it'll be painful for her, she needs to adjust her vision of how life should be - even if that means less $ for trips, college, whatever - to deal with her new reality...I get that that's hard, especially if you've worked to achieve a specific lifestyle, but lots of people have done it. I read her husband's original opinion piece when it came out - it was very similar - and I just hope they move past their regrets about IVF and it doesn't morph into resentment toward their twins once they arrive

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