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August 30th, 2013, 12:07 PM
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I haven't updated you lovely ladies in a while, so here's the news from 36wk appts

* Baby is still breech (boooo), and our timeline has gone like this:
31wks - head down
32wks - transverse (sideways)
33wks - breech
34wks - head down (hooray! but I shouldn't have gotten excited...)
35wks - breech
36wks - breech

Neither OB or high risk Dr is holding out much hope of her turning now, although anything is still possible, but quickly running out of time.

* Because baby is breech, OB is scheduling my C-section today so I should have date later today or Tue morning. Due to the blood thinners i'm on, history & earlier complications the high risk dr wants baby out between 38-39 weeks but ideally closer to 38. So likely dates right now are between 9/10-9/13.

* Also because of the blood thinners, et al. I do weekly NSTs & scans with the high risk far those are going fairly well, she's failed the NST at 20 & 30 min mark a couple of times (including this week) but always passes by 40 mins so Dr isn't very concerned. She's growing fine, solidly in 55% and estimated as of Tue to be 6lbs5oz

So that's basically it...I really want to avoid a C-section but have now mostly resigned myself to it. I now have family coming in to help week of the birth & week after figuring if it's a C-section I will probably need it. I'll keep everyone posted on what her birthday will be once I find out the schedule

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