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August 30th, 2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by newmommytake3 View Post
How much maternity leave are you taking and what does your employer offer for pay if anything?

I am only taking 10 weeks 3 days as I used 1 week 2 days FLMA in May to have a skin cancer spot taken care of.

My job has an income replacement plan for the medical time only so 6 weeks if I deliver natural and 8 for c section. Then they give 40 hours baby bonding time. Most likely I will get the 6+1 for 7 weeks paid and then Ill use every hour I have of PTO which by then would be 112 hours. It looks like I will have 4 days w/ out pay unless I deliver by c section and then I would be covered totally.

If I had the full 12weeks left in FMLA I would take it! I know it will be hard to come back. It always is!
That sounds like a great set up. I'm a teacher in Miami and our benefits are pretty bad. I want to do the full 12-week leave but it's all unpaid so I don't know. Depends on the babies. If they were to come now, I'd have to take a couple of weeks to recup from c/s surgery but I'd have to return to work right away. The closer they are to the scheduled surgery, the better financially (and obviously for health).
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