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August 30th, 2013, 01:38 PM
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We are going great. She's 10 days old and so animated. Breastfeeding is going well tho I'm worried she's not getting enough so i supplement sometimes. She was 9.5 at birth 8.11 at discharge and her first appt at 6 days old she was back up to 9.4 so she is growing.

As for me I'm doing really well. I'm surprised at how well I'm healing. I only took ibuprofen because i didn't like the way the percocets made me feel. I haven't taken anything for pain in two days. It's still a challenge to sit straight up from a lying position but I've been walking like the Dr told me and all my swelling is gone. I did have an emotional breakdown the day we brought her home. I think before i didn't have a chance to process everything that happened that week and just wrapping my brain around caring for this new little life. Aside from that everything has been smooth sailing.

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