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August 30th, 2013, 02:06 PM
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It's ok Lou. It's a bit hit and miss.

I was after garden chairs for our party, I had seen loads on there before we went away but didn't respond to those ads knowing I wouldn't be able to pick them up, and when I came back there were none! I posted a wanted ad and got 3 from someone, but ended up buying some more on Ebay. Now, there's a ton of garden chairs on there again! Argh! lol.

I also got some party poppers and got rid of some children's and adult's books and some Friends DVDs we took to the car boot and never sold. I also responded to someone's wanted ad for a fish tank and gave them our old fish tank since we've given up with fish.

It's just luck really and some members are more awkward than others about scheduling pick-ups. I'd say it's worth being a member of your local groups and checking it once a week or something.

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