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August 30th, 2013, 04:03 PM
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I say that Abri is my living twitter feed. "Hey Mommy I need to go potty. Hey Mommy I'm going tinkle. Hey Mommy I need to poop. Mommy? Mama? Hey Mommy? I'm pooping. Mommy I pooped. I pooped Mama. I had three poops. Hey Mommy? I'm wiping. I'm washing my hands Mommy. Hey Mommy? I'm getting soap. There's bubbles! I made bubbles Mommy! Hey mama? Bubbles! Bubbles Mommy! I'm rinsing. There's no towel Mommy. Hey Mommy? There's no towel. Mama? Mommy? Hey Mommy there's no towel. It's okay Mommy I used my pants. My pants are wet Mommy. I need new pants. Mommy? Mama? Hey Mommy? I need pants Mommy."
Seriously, all day, every day. You have to respond each time or she just keeps repeating it louder.

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