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August 30th, 2013, 05:30 PM
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My birth story is most certainly not anything I planned or even imagined.*
Guess it starts at my 38 week appointment. My dr checked me as I had had a full day of BH the day before and felt labour might be getting close. Upon exam I was posterior and closed but soft. And wait...... Is that a foot? Off for an ultrasound and sure enough baby had turned into a full breech position. So I am set up to see an OB about a CEV. After loads of fuss and problems baby is successfully turned into a head down position at 38 w 5 days.*
Then nothing.... So i waited and waited. Nothing. Dr gives me a deadline of aug 22 for induction due to AMA. So on 22 nd at 3:30 I arrive for cervadil. They monitor me for quite a while and a huge debate goes on between nurse and doctor about cervadil vs picton. Baby shows two decells on strip. Cervadil wins out with an hour of monitoring and i am admitted regardless of labour. All is good for that hour no real labour just some cramping. As soon as I am unhooked and admitted the contractions start about 6pm now. 3 1/2 minutes apart 1-1 1/2 minute long. This keeps up for a couple of hours. My support people arrive and everyone is excited. Nurse wants to see 3 in ten minutes we are doing well but she doesn't want to check as I am GSB positive and this increases babies risk. Antibiotics are started and trek on. My room is set up and I get my own nurse as all feel i am gonna go quick. My mom and DH insist that I need to be checked again as contractions are 2 min apart lasting well over a minute. Everyone clears out (my teenage children also here now). Nurse declares me 3cm I almost cry as while she is checking me they start coming with no break. She checks baby's heart rate and it is 74. No moving or rolling on my part changes it. For 2 minutes she tries to get baby to stabilize. A second nurse and my dr rush in. Couple other drs show up to consult. My family starts drifting in as they can tell things are not ok.
At this point I am scared. Drs all talking amongst themselves baby's heart rate goes up and down between 160 and 85. I am rolled over and over nothing helps. Contractions are overlapping. Dr pulls out cervadil and I am at 4cm. Next thing I know I signing forms and getting prepped for an emergency cesarean. It was pretty scary. They checked heart rate a couple of more times and it didn't come back up much. Hovered around 100. A very rushed surgery without anyone even remembering my dh who was out waiting in hallway. Baby was out and getting checked over before dh even was brought in.*
But my baby is perfect. They give him apgar scores of 9 & 9. No one seems to know why he was struggling during labour. My nurse said possibly AMA? We recovered slowly in hospital. He nurses constantly and is simply adorable.*
Weight 7lbs 14oz
Length 21 1/2 inches*
Name Michael Josiah*
Sorry this is so long.*
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