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August 30th, 2013, 08:48 PM
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let me tell you a story.

i am seventeen years old. i broke up with my broyfriend of two years last december (long story). we got back together in january, and he moved in, and i got pregnant within a month. he's only nineteen himself. he works 32-38 hours a week, i'm lucky to get a full 20. we live with my parents, who in themselves are crazy, and we're trying to move next spring.

our child is due during my finals week, because i went back this semester (this is my third semester at my local community college). i didn't want to, because i knew it'd be hard. i'm not even a week into the program and it's tough already. i failed almost every class i took in the spring because my morning sickness was so bad i couldn't go to campus, and that sickness lasted until i was five months along.

i have no one to talk to because all of my old high school friends are honestly scumbags. they're all into heavy drugs now. my mother is too wrapped up in her own issues, and Nate, while supportive, isn't very sympathetic. i rely on this board a lot.

i'm not telling you this to undermine your problem, or to belittle your situation. i'm telling you this because simply saying "you are not alone" isn't enough. pregnancy is hard, and an unplanned pregnancy, even more so. instead of planning happily for the bundle of joy you're about to get, you have to face life-changing choices in mere weeks. it's unnerving. but it does get easier to handle.

i don't mean to add to your burden- but do you have insurance? if not, it would be very easy for you to get on medicaid. they'll cover you and your baby until the baby's birth. then you simply reapply for another year of coverage.

if you ever do want someone to talk to, because trust me, i understand, you could always message me.
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