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August 31st, 2013, 08:26 AM
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Hi ladies, I just wanted to introduce myself and pick your brains a bit.
My background is thus .... We have son(5) who is the light of my world. It took two years to get him . We did all the testing to find out that I had " unexplained infertility " and my husband had a lower sperm count. They gave us a less than 1 percent chance to convince on our own. They gave me clomid to try and we never used it bc I got my bfp that month. So NOW we have been trying on our own again for two years. He isn't making me replete any tests at this time just skipped right to clomid. How many of you ladies have good results with this med.... How long did it take....did u have twins? .... Any info would be great! Thanks!
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