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August 31st, 2013, 09:14 AM
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Im still figuring stuff out. Connors got adhd and mood disorder and learning disorder and PDD NOS.
His aggression could be bipolar disorder but they won't say so yet cuz he's young(although I know others have been in other states). Im sick of med trying and failing.
None have helped the aggression yet. He punches, pinches, threatens to kill, swears every day.
I go for an initial consult with a new therapist to try something called Parent Child Intensive Therapy and I am hoping that helps. All I know is I'm pooped by days end and grateful school started.

Connors odd behavior started when he was a few months old but became even more at 17/18 months. But his aggression showed up a few years ago then heightened after Dan died.
That was my biggest thing was the counselor wanted to blame it on Dan's illness and death. Didn't matter how many times I explained it, still seemed he didn't get it past his thick skull.

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