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August 31st, 2013, 12:11 PM
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Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!

I would love to go the Super Nanny route, but I seriously doubt my patience and dedication to the method, if I'm being totally honest. I took your advice to heart and spent some time really thinking about what makes that crazy kid tick. I tried the baby doll thing but she was NOT into it (jerk!) so I've tried reading stories while I'm nursing (I had been turning on her favorite shows but she was still jumping around like a wild thing) The stories are working pretty well, unless one of her older sisters has the "nerve" to come and listen, lol. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that the only thing she wants more than to get her way all the time is to be with us, so instead of fighting her into submission Super Nanny style, I have been picking her up and hauling her naughty little fanny to her room and locking her in for a time out, once she stops screaming, she can come out and get hugs and kisses and be with us again. It's only been a day, so I can't say if it's working or not, but it's a method that I'm at least confident I can be consistent with, so we'll give it some time and see how it goes.

FW--I hope DD is feeling better!

M2M--dead battery is the pits. My kids can reach the dome light inside the car now and every so often turn it on and I don't notice until we're all buckled in and I try to start the car and it's dead. We got a portable battery charger which has worked pretty well but it still is super annoying when it happens!

5--Was quitting part of your plan so you could be home with the kids? Hope everything is ok!

UM--how was the game?

Terre--hope things are going ok with the new routine at home!

I'm also looking forward to school starting. The kids' preschool is under construction so they just pushed back the start date by a week. I wanted to cry. We are also going through too much tv/screen time. I'm looking forward to both the routine and the chance to spend a little more one-on-one time with Adelaide, I think it will help her.

And yes, photographers here are very expensive, too. There's a mom from our church that takes great portraits of kids and newborns, I looked into booking her but it was a $350 sitting fee PLUS a minimum $500 print order and no digital rights. I like having some prints, but I also love having the digital copy of all the pictures to share with family and let them get their own prints, and I certainly don't have $850 to spend on newborn portraits, no matter how wonderful they are, so we just went with the ones they took at the hospital. I am asking my family for a nice professional family portrait for Mother's Day, so I hope that happens (but I also hope it's not $850!)

Nothing super interesting going on here today, it's storming, DH took DD2 up to Madison for the football game, so it's just me, 1, 3 and 4 at home. We made some no bake cookies which the kids apparently don't like and I like waaaaaay too much. I got my work out in this morning, almost nap time for dd3 and I promised dd1 she could have popcorn and watch Hercules this afternoon. We did have some local "excitement" last night--two houses in our neighborhood were struck by lightning and caught on fire within 20 minutes of each other. There still aren't many details, and I didn't know the families. There was damage, but I think at least one of the homes is still livable while they wait for repairs, and no one was injured, praise God!
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