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August 31st, 2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by LifeToTheMax View Post
Did you guys buy the phone? I'd probably be a butt head and just say that you feel like if he was abusing his phone privleges, that it needs to be taken away for longer, since he's not responsible enough with it. I'd have her return it, and I'd hang on to it for awhile. But I'm also mad at the world today, so I'm probably just being mean.

That said, there needs to be equal expectations for both sets of parents. If she wants constant access to him, you guys deserve the same.
Yes, we purchased the phone. She did not contribute financially at all.

Yeah she texted me 2 nights ago saying nobody ever got back to me about returning the phone. I replied, we never knew you wanted to. She said she told O to tell us to set something up with her.

I politely told her O says he does not like being the messenger as it puts him in the middle. She then claimed she never told O to tell us anything and why am I so hell bent on hating her and I need to grow up.

I then said, "I am going to politely ask you to refrain from coming at me with an attitude. I refuse to partake in this childish argument, as it is taking away from my time with my family. Goodnight."

To which she replied, "Just remember that is MY son making up "your family" "

So something has her all irritated at the world. I simply said, "I'm so sorry you have nothing better to do on a thurs night than to bother me, but I have things to do so please stop texting me."

So she said, "Im studying to be a nurse. Leave me alone."

So whatever. She's angry at the world and I was her target.

Should I have just ignored her? Maybe. But then I would still be irritated about it. I literally told Eric about the conversation that night and then haven't brought it up again. Because it doesn't bother me. Had I just sat there and let her abuse me and put me down and claim my family belongs to her, then yes I would still be livid.
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