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August 31st, 2013, 02:01 PM
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I bathe both boys at the same time.. I used to do separate but now that I'm off leave and working full time and since DH is on 2 nd, it's just me in the evenings. It's sooo much faster to do both at once. I fill a baby tub and then about 3 inches in the actual tub. Baby tub goes in the back at the shallow end and my toddler goes at the front. I let my toddler choose who gets washed first lol. He will "help" wash the baby too. Then when both are clean I get the baby out and lotion him up and put a fresh diaper on ( all in the bathroom) while my older son plays. Then I set a 10 minute timer and baby and I sit on the toilet and play with my toddler. After alarm goes off, I drain the tub and wrap my toddler in a towel then vitamins, teeth brushing, lotion, and pj's for both. Whew! I'm wore out just typing that!!

I use Aveeno and Johnson & Johnson, whichever scent I want that night. And mostly this happens every night unless I'm running behind schedule for one reason or another.

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