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August 31st, 2013, 02:10 PM
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I'm in a really bad mood, tired of having to leave my own house and try to entertain the kids elsewhere while dh cuts hair because we can't agree on the "rules."

I was gone for almost five hours today and I get back and he has 5 people in my back room and starts yelling at Canaan because he is a baby and wants to hug his dad. He doesn't understand you are cutting hair and he can't pull on you.


I hardly even got to but the baby down and he is having a **** fit. The starts right in on "well, I'll go to a shop. " At this point in time go wherever the **** you want. I don't care. Normal people work 8-9 hours, but I have haircuts in my backroom on weekends for 12-13 hours.

Then he has this incredibly inappropriate female in here with her lil boy and I have told him $5 isn't worth the the hell it will cause if she keeps coming over here.

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